A Letter From the Anderson Family

First off, I have been in public service all my life.  I am retired Air Force and a 15 year veteran with SAPD. I absolutely don't do any of this with a goal of getting recognition or awards.  I honestly love being able to help people in need.  So when my friend and colleague, Doug, asked if my family and I would like to partake in an all expense-paid stay at the Bevy, I told him we'd be honored.  

He failed, by design, to tell me anything other than that this organization likes to give back to officers to show their appreciation for our service.  So upon arrival, Brad meets my wife, son and I at the front of the hotel and shakes our hands.  He then proceeds to lead us into the lobby where about 50 people were waiting with smiles and applause.  I am not one to solicit attention and normally like to operate under the radar. This moment was a complete surprise to me and my family.  I actually had a moment where I began to clap, in hopes to ease the pure embarrassment and anxiety I felt. My wife and I teared up in response to the powerful energy felt in the room.  

A true first responder doesn't do the job for attention or fanfare. So to get such a reception from a group of good people and the H4HTX organization, was an extremely humbling experience.  Getting recognition for doing something from the heart by folks with A LOT of heart was an absolute blessing.  We are very grateful for this experience and will never forget the dedication you all show to my profession.  Ironically this was on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, having us experience that on the same day gave, "Giving to others" more of a meaning!!!

On behalf of my wife, Ursula, our son, Mariano and I, we thank Hope for Heroes Tx and the Bevy Hotel for an awesome life moment.

Bless you all!

Harold & Ursula Anderson

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