A Letter from Monica and Heath Jones

We’re back in the swing of normal life and I just wanted to take a minute to attempt to put into words how wonderful this past weekend was. I’m going to use a lot of words over and over like “incredible” and “amazing” and well, I don’t really feel like they do my feelings of amazement and appreciation justice but maybe repeating them will help.

Heath isn’t one to be comfortable with attention and recognition, but he absolutely deserves it, and he needed it. What impressed me the most was the little touches you included. The autographed sign, having the Kendall County Sheriffs and BPD welcome us, the prayer, the card and basket, the gift card. It was all so generous and so incredibly thoughtful. Not only was it amazing to have him recognized, but to feel the immense appreciation for the spouses at home who do ALL the things to keep the house and family running with the overtime assignments that come up, missed holidays and activities, family dinners and all. Thank you so much for the love and support. It means more than you can possibly imagine.

We don’t put thin blue line stickers on our cars or anywhere on our house for safety. No take home cars in our driveway, and when people ask what he does for work we often give the “he works for the city” or “he’s in waste management” answer. It was so incredibly refreshing to be able to breathe in a town that supports law enforcement, to not feel like we needed to be so reserved and cautious, and to feel so much love and support. You can only imagine how much that takes off his shoulders. It was really the ultimate way to relax.

We fell in love with Boerne and definitely want to return for some more fun with and without the kids! The hotel was incredible and it was so amazing to hear how the staff responded when they heard we were there for Hope for Heroes.

I’m not sure what your expectations were when you started Hope for Heroes, but I would think based on our experience that you far exceeded them.

When can we come back? ;-)

Please let me know if we can ever do anything to give back. I do event and portrait photography if you’re ever in need of services like that, too.

Best and God Bless,

Monica and Heath Jones (APD 7249)patr

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